Trust Pharmacy

Delivery Terms

Trust Pharmacy collaborates with reliable delivery options. They carry out international delivery with stated periods of time. Our company cooperates with two main delivery options:

  • Regular Airmail;
  • Express Courier System.

Regular Airmail takes 14-21 business days. The maximum delivery time takes 30 business days. The fee is $10.00. No tracking. There is free airmail delivery when your total exceeds $200.00.

Express delivery rakes 5-9 business days. The maximum delivery time is 14 business days. The fee is $30.00. Tracking possible. There is free express delivery if your total exceeds $300.00.

If you order has not come in time you should act in the following way:

  • check the maximum delivery time (mentioned above);
  • if delayed, contact our customer care department;
  • an operator will inform you about a refund or reshipment.

We provide a refund or reshipment in cases when the order has not been delivered but not on your own fault. While making an order you have made a mistake in shipping details, Trust Pharmacy doesn’t bear responsibility for non-delivery. We recommend checking all the data entered twice. Reshipment is conducted free of charge.

We deliver parcels all day round except for holidays (New Year, Merry Christmas, Easter, and etc.). Please, check the calendar before making an order. We won’t be eligible for the incorrect non-delivery of the parcel. Your order can also be delayed at customs for further examination. The customs officer will inform you and ask to visit their department. Remember, in this case, the delivery may be also delayed.

We respect the right to the confidentiality of customers. We send parcels in opaque, discreet packages. We make no notes on the wrapper for not understanding what there is inside the parcel. We guarantee 100%-anonymity.