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Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Treatment

Elimination of erectile dysfunction in some cases becomes difficult. This applies, first of all, to its organic nature. In the case of psychogenic erectile dysfunction, the situation is much simpler. You need to take into account every detail, eliminating all causes of the problem, and only after that take specific measures.

According to Trust Pharmacy data, typical errors of young men with psychogenic impotence in terms of eliminating the disorder are the following:

  • reluctance to establish contact with a sexual partner;
  • hiding your problem;
  • early use of medical and mechanical methods of treatment;
  • neglect of general rules of a healthy lifestyle;
  • refusal of specialized medical care.

erectile dsyfunction
In order to return erection, which is lost or get full primary one, at psychogenic impotence it is necessary to perform a whole complex of measures:

  • normalization of sleep, work and rest. Of course, this is not always feasible, because vital necessities force many men to work with harm to the body. You need to try to properly build your regime because sexual health is important.
  • healthy nutrition. Food should be nutritious, high in calories, high in vitamins of different groups, minerals, and other nutrients. A variety of rations with meat, eggs, sour-milk products (yogurts, sour cream, cottage cheese, cheese), vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs, grains, and nuts necessarily will have a positive effect on the state of erection.
  • elimination of a psychological barrier. If erectile dysfunction has appeared because of fear of possible dissatisfaction with sexual partners due to premature ejaculation, the solution to the problem is to build a full understanding between partners. All sexual relations should be only open. Partners should not be afraid or shy of each other. Only this way you can get a real erection and full sense of orgasm.
  • sex therapy. This method is very suitable in cases of psychogenic impotence, due to the weakening of libido to certain women. Most often this happens in married couples when time mercilessly destroys all sexual attraction between loving people. This treatment should be carried out by a woman by awakening his man’s desire. For this, the favorable relaxing environment should be created, followed by a visual review by a man of all erogenous zones of a woman and her genitals. In no case should tactile contact be allowed during this process? It takes time for an extremely strong sexual desire to arise, which will restore erection and will be deposited in subcortical areas of the brain.
  • psychotherapy. If one does not manage to cope with psychogenic impotence on his own, short sessions with a therapist will completely eliminate the unpleasant problems.

The treatment of organic impotence depends on the reason that caused its development and should be selected strictly individually. Unfortunately, there are not so many methods.

Viagra from Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra and its analogs in the form of pills (Cialis, Levitra) have a good effect, but they have a number of side effects and contraindications. This applies to the use of this means by men of all age groups as a basic method of treatment. For young people who do not observe signs of organic abnormalities, it is generally not needed, since when used systematically, it causes addiction, and then resistance to any medication effects, regardless of dosage of the drug.

The use of vasodilator drugs by elderly men is fraught with the development of severe cardiovascular complications. Their risk is minimized with proper intake and adequately selected dosage of the drug. Naturally, if there is no other way out, then all methods are good, especially if they have the desired effect.

Other methods in the form of vacuum pumps, which allow blood flow to cavernous bodies, are rarely used, although they bring a certain result. Surgical treatment of impotence consists in prosthetics of cavernous bodies of the penis with flexible prostheses, which acquire position assigned to them. These methods of treatment are extreme measures.

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