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How To Get A Prescription Without A Doctor

Prescription Without A Doctor

Many drugs can only be purchased with a valid prescription from a practicing doctor. These include antibiotics, asthma and cancer drugs, pills for diabetes and high cholesterol, and others. A prescription is a document filled by a doctor, stating the name and dose of the medicine needed by the patient for treatment. But is it always necessary to go to the doctor’s office to get Rx? Maybe there is another way?

Telemedicine is entering our lives. Some online pharmacies offer this service, and you can now consult a qualified doctor and get a prescription without leaving your home.

What can Online Doctor do?

During the online consultation, the doctor can:

  • collect an anamnesis and complaints of the patient;
  • recommend an appointment with the appropriate specialist (on the basis of the collected data);
  • tell how to prepare for diagnostic activities and for an appointment with the appropriate specialist;
  • help to choose drugs analogs, explain the compatibility of prescribed drugs;
  • help decipher the analysis results;
  • write out a prescription.

Who would benefit from Online Doctor?

  • Summer residents. An online doctor will answer all your questions, for example, what to do if your bruise does not look like a fracture (it is easy to upload a photo in the mobile application);
  • Vacationers abroad. If you got poisoned in a local bar or got a sunburn, you can easily deal with it;
  • Young parents. Pediatricians will tell you what to do if the baby is sick and if necessary write out a prescription online;
  • Those who want to get a second opinion but cannot afford to go to the doctor’s office.

Things to remember when getting a prescription online

  1. Always check the website of the clinic/pharmacy which you are using. You need to ensure that this organization has the right to provide medical services;
  2. Record all doctor’s recommendations, take screenshots (if you are using a chat);
  3. Carefully check the price list and read the description of the service: what exactly is guaranteed to you in the online consultation? And be guided by common sense: in emergency situations, you should seek medical help in person.

There are many cases where online consultation is the most reasonable and the only possible choice: fаirst of all, if there is no possibility to get an appointment with the doctor and the question is urgent. This happens when you are abroad or in the country.

Sometimes online telemedicine simply helps to save time on the road. it’s very useful when you only need to adjust the therapy or learn the interpretation of the test results. In this case, you can send through the application data of medical devices that are used at home: blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, heart rate recorders, etc. The doctor can remotely analyze them, correct treatment or make additional recommendations. In addition, the online doctor is convenient when you need to get a “second opinion” – advice from another competent specialist in this area about the nature of your illness and cure.

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