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Trust Pharmacy is one of the largest online pharmacies. Our company is represented as a generic distributor in the pharmaceutical market. Every aspect of our online service is worked out in such a way to improve the offered service. We build up a website which is comprised of a searching engine, flypages, prices, assortment, banners, and etc. Our searching engine is one of the most innovative. It reduces the searching time due to different approaches. It is possible to use a category search, alphabetic search, and search field. All the outcomes will be given within seconds.Trust Pharmacy_ #1 Online International StoreWe offer:

  • quality branded or generic medications. We guarantee the quality and absence of counterfeit products in our online service. We expand our stock by buying drugs directly from manufacturers, large trusted importers, and suppliers of pharmaceutical products. The entire range has the necessary quality certificates. All goods are stored and shipped exclusively from our warehouses. Our apartments guarantee compliance with storage and delivery conditions. We also follow the conditions during transportation.
  • over 300 items. A large assortment of goods, which is limited only by the range of our warehouses. We restock monthly. We have the following drug categories: allergy, anti fungal, anti viral, anti-depressants, antibacterial, antibiotics, arthritis, asthma, birth control, blood pressure, cancer, cardiovascular, cholesterol, diabetes, diuretics, erectile dysfunction, eye drop, gastro health, general health, hair loss, hepatitis C virus (HCV), herbals, HIV, hormones, men’s ED packs, men’s health, mental illness, motion sickness, muscle relaxant, pain relief, quit smoking, skin care, sleeping aids, weight loss, women’s health.
  • quick and 100% safety delivery. Our online company delivers parcels all over the world. The international delivery service gives an opportunity to increase the number of customers. We bring parcels with the stated periods of time. Regular delivery will bring your order within 2-14-21 days. The maximum waiting time is 30 business days. The fee is $10.00. Express delivery takes 5-9 business days. The maximum waiting time is 14 business days. The fee for express delivery is $30.00. It is possible to track the express delivery. The ID number becomes valid on the fourth day from the moment the parcel is dispensed from the office.
  • reasonable prices. Ordering online is a good way to save money. Since all our products are delivered from our own warehouses, we avoid intermediaries. As a result, there are no costs for storing goods in conventional drugstores. It contributes to a lower trading margin.

Our principles

Professionalism. We strictly monitor that each customer is satisfied with the service. If you contact the call-center, a professional pharmacist will answer you. If you order home delivery, a courier will bring the parcel right to the specified address. You can always consult a pharmacist over email. However, we draw your attention to the fact that such a collaboration cannot replace a visit to a primary care physician.

High quality. Over the years, we have formed a list of reliable, certified, outstanding suppliers. When receiving goods, we check each position. Trust Pharmacy does not have counterfeit and expired products.

Convenient cooperation. We are ready to deliver you the ordered goods quickly and accurately at the stated time and place anywhere in the world. Our online pharmacy staff guarantees the confidentiality of your order (the goods are packed in opaque sealed packages).

Our employees

The staff of Trust Pharmacy is an experienced team full of professional pharmacists. The employees are ready to competently answer your questions on all the medicines or health-related supplements presented in the online catalog, their storage conditions. Our employees are constantly improving their knowledge wit the frames of conferences and trainings.

Jennifer Bell, Chief Pharmacist

Jennifer Bell is a chief pharmacist in Trust Pharmacy within 9 years already. Jennifer has graduated from the University of Texas – Austin. She has graduated with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Jennifer Bell obtains vivid experience in running online pharmacies. She was born in Arlington, Texas. She is married. Her husband is working in Trust Pharmacy, as well.

Nick Bell, Pharmacist

Nick Bell, a husband of Jennifer Bell, has graduated from the same university as his wife. He comes working in this organization together with Jennifer. His hobby is to spend time analyzing the data of the online pharmaceutical market. He has no children but dogs. Two Labrador retrievers live in the house. They love them and boast as little children.

Meggy Brown, Online consultant

Meggy Brown has graduated from the University of Iowa. She is employed in our online pharmacy since 2005. Her main aim is to develop an online pharmaceutical business as much as possible. She strives t meet all the customers’ needs. She is single and spends almost all free time with friends traveling along with the country.

Stan Log, Information Technology Systems Administrator

Stan Log has received a Bachelor’s Degree in the University of Missouri – Kansas City. His main duty is to control the website performance. There can not appear any technical problems while customers make orders online. He is single. He prefers to spend his free time with his mate-team friends. He is fond of computer games.

How to save on drugs?

  • Compare prices before buying. The rate difference much depends on the speed of updating the database. But still, the difference will not be so great, so that you can easily navigate with its help.
  • Buy online. The online pharmacy offers a wide range of products for all categories of drugs, and prices are even lower because unlike conventional drugstores offer. The price does not include the cost of renting premises, staff salaries, etc.
  • Use discount pharmacy cards.
  • Look for cheap analogs (generics), but before buying a cheaper option, consult a primary care physician.

The price of generics is much lower than the branded drugs. Generics do not differ from the brand-names in terms of effectiveness and safety. These analogs are produced in strict accordance with established regulations and quality standards.

The use of generics is of great medical and social importance. It makes high-quality treatment affordable for the middle-class and low-class population all over the world. Currently, in the United States, more than 60% of all prescription drugs are generics. Similar statistics are observed in countries of Western Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc.

The widespread use of generics makes it possible to more rationally spend the national budget allocated for healthcare, and, thus, create a financial reserve for paying for expensive medical products, procedures, and services. In turn, price competition from generic manufacturers is stimulating companies to create fundamentally new, more modern drugs and treatment options.

Is it affordable to buy meds online?

There are several reasons why it is more affordable to buy medications online. They are listed below:

  • most online pharmacies process orders around the clock. This is especially important if you decide to buy medications late at night. Therefore, websites through which medications can be purchased at any time are very popular.
  • you only need to order the necessary medications and wait for the courier. In the absence of time or poor health, home delivery of medications will be a reasonable decision. In a situation when the disease does not allow you to get out of bed, ordering goods in an online pharmacy often becomes the only possible option.
  • the ability to pay for an order with a card is another advantage of such resources. Those who have already resorted to the services of online pharmacies are well aware that often medications are cheaper on the site than in conventional outlets. This is easy to explain: online pharmacies can save money on renting premises and support staff. This allows the owner of the Trust Pharmacy to sell drugs at more affordable prices.
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