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Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Symptoms and Causes

Signs and Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Depending on when erectile dysfunction occurred, it can be primary and secondary. In the first case, erection in boys does not occur at all. In the second – it took place, but with time weakened or absent. Before describing symptoms, it is important to identify the so-called physiological or age impotence, which develops with age. Trust Pharmacy doesn’t define clear boundaries for impotence, as a man at any age continues to be a man in the full sense of the word. The main symptoms that should cause concern are:

  • decrease or absence of erectile ability. This means that men of reproductive age who suffer from impotence are not able to bring penis into a state of erection, despite strong desire;
  • incomplete erection – penis increases in size, but is unable to achieve consistency necessary for sexual intercourse;
  • inability to maintain an erection during the time necessary for the normal duration of sexual intercourse, especially with unattainable ejaculation;
  • premature ejaculation, which occurs in mature men who have great sexual experience;
  • absence of morning or nocturnal involuntary erection;
  • reduction or total absence of libido (sexual desire) and associated sexual impotence.

To diagnose erectile dysfunction, one of these symptoms is sufficient. The more they take place, the harder it is to eliminate mechanisms of its development. There are cases when impotence is temporary or regular, being a logical result of physiological changes in the male body. It is worth mentioning about them.

  1. The reduction of erectile function on the background of excessive sexual activity can not be considered as impotence. In conditions of constant stimulation of receptor structures of the brain, venous sinuses of the penis and their closure apparatus, resistance develops with absolute insensitivity to any irritating influences. The duration of such a state can reach different periods and depends, first of all, on transferred loads. The higher they are, the longer the erectile dysfunction will be. After a certain time, everything is automatically restored.
  2. Premature ejaculation in men who have an irregular sexual life, which often causes an inability to bring sexual intercourse to the desired completion. The normalization of sexual relations leads to the rapid elimination of this unpleasant feature. If this did not happen, then it is worth looking for causes of this unpleasant condition.
  3. Reduction of sexual power in men, whose age is beyond reproductive. It is very important to take into account gradual age-related decline, not complete loss of erectile abilities.

All these conditions do not require complex medical interventions since they are reversible or are regular age-related changes in the male body. The main thing in confirming impotence, as a medical problem, is the appearance of listed symptoms, which were not previously observed and persist for a long time. Short-term erectile dysfunction can also be a variant of the norm due to transient hormonal changes in the male sexual sphere.


Impotence in men refers to those conditions that can be a separate disease, and one of many symptoms of various pathological conditions. The reasons for its occurrence are more than numerous. They can affect any of the levels and mechanisms of bringing the penis into a state of persistent erection. Considering that this is a very thin and complex system, it is often exposed to negative influences. They include:

  • psychological impotence;
  • physical overload;
  • diseases of the endocrine system;
  • neurological disorders;
  • diabetes, obesity, and malnutrition;
  • violations of the vascular system;
  • heart pathology and hypertension;
  • severe liver damage with hepatic insufficiency;
  • intoxication and bad habits;
  • diseases and injuries of male genital organs;
  • medicamental impotence;
  • unnatural sex and abuse of its substitutes.

Masturbation Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction of mixed, psycho-organic character. It is impossible to consider masturbation as the absolutely useless and harmful process. Under normal conditions, it should be present, but not too often. After all, prolonged abstinence and lack of sex also do not benefit health. That’s at such critical moments when masturbation should help.

But, if it acquires the character of complete substitute for healthy sexual relations, sooner or later it will affect erectile possibilities. The thing is that self-excitation of receptor structures of the penis only imitates sexual intercourse, leading to inferior ejaculation. Constant stagnation of sperm causes a decrease in the function of testicles and, as a consequence, impotence.

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